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“At any time do the funds need to be repaid by the borrower?”

No, funds do not need to be repaid. The borrower is able to move, sell, and/or refinance their home with no penalty.

“What are the program credit  score  requirements for borrowers? Maximum ratio requirements? “ 

There are no credit score or ratio requirements. The borrower must be able to meet the lender’s requirement for loan approval.

“Is this a subordinate lien or subordinate 
financing program?” 

No. Dream DAP, Inc will have no liens on property. 

“Does Dream DAP, Inc require a property inspection?” 

No. Dream DAP, Inc holds no financial interest in the property and will not be involved in the home purchase process.

“Can these programs be combined with other down payment assistance programs?” 

No. Our goal is to help borrowers who can not qualify for other assistance programs.

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